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Our Story:

In 1984, a group of some of Texas' most talented young musicians came together to form the Texas Gold Minors band. While touring around the country they gained immense popularity in country and Western musical communities, eventually receiving their very own show in Branson, Missouri.

Judy Henson - Owner Texas Gold Minors

All grown up, these talented musicians have moved on to having their own successful shows including the Clay Cooper Theatre in Branson, while the rest are performing with the giants like Charlie Pride, Kenny Chesney, Lyle Lovett, Ray Stevens and more.

Inspired by their daughter's beautiful stagewear and authentic Western apparel, Judy and Ed Henson restored the name and opened Texas Gold Minors in the historical Fort Worth Stockyards in 2004.

Since then, Texas Gold Minors has become a family-owned destination for unique and iconic Western apparel for children around the world.

Our Mission:

At Texas Gold Minors we strive to have the world's finest selection of classic, retro and specialty Western Wear for children!

We take pride as the Best Kids Western Store in the World with enormous collection of Authentic Kids Western Outfits.


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It is our pleasure to serve each and every one of our valued customers.

If for any reason you have an issue or concern regarding your order please contact us and we will help to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Thank you!


Texas Gold Minors 140 E. Exchange Ave. Suite #116

Fort Worth, Texas 76164



Phone: 817-625-7288

Email: orders@texasgoldminors.com



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