Returns & Refunds

Returns Policy:

We do accept returns subject to the following conditions:

***Important Update on our Returns and Refunds Policy as of 10-01-2023*** We will no longer be issuing refunds to items shipped to persons or businesses associated with filming, photography, media,  marketing, entertainment or promotional services. We are a small business and it is increasingly unsustainable to engage in shipping and processing refunds of the same items after being used for the above mentioned interests and then returned back to us. Also, with our low inventory levels we cannot afford to send our merchandise to people who do not intend to keep them while loosing business on what could be the next potential customers with intend to keep the merchandise. With this kind of potential loss of revenue, our small business will risk being out of business if we continue to engage  persons or businesses that want to take advantage of us. We'll still offer exchanges to these kind of clientele only if they appear to be in good faith and non manipulative. If you're not sure about how this policy may affect you or your business before you order, please do not hesitate to call Judy 817-308-3844 for further clarity. Our goal is to build and serve an honest business and client base, your help in supporting our mission will be greatly appreciated. We are indeed grateful to all our other customers for their honest and continued support. Thank you so much!

1) Refunds will be processed as soon as we receive back your order (in its originally shipped condition), you will receive a full refund less the amount Texas Gold Minors originally paid for shipping. Also, in some cases we may charge a standard shipping charge for example we may charge $10 shipping for orders less than $150 but that doesn't mean that this will be the actual cost of shipping. If our shipping carrier ends up charging $12.00 to ship your items then if you return those items, we'll deduct $12.00 which is the actual cost we paid to ship that item and not the $10.00 you paid that was just a subsidized standard charge that we collected. The same applies to Express shipping, actual cost charged by our shipping carrier may be different from the amount collected at the time you placed the order and therefore we will have to deduct the actual cost we incurred prior to issuing your refund. Free shipping means we'll incur the cost of shipping only if you keep the items but in case you return them, then we'll deduct the actual cost of shipping we paid to ship your items. This policy excludes orders processed in error by our staff, for example if we sent you the wrong size of the product you ordered then we'll bear 100% of the shipping cost and you will not be penalized for mistakes made by our team.

2) Refunds will be processed in the same manner as the original payment.

3) Returns will not be accepted 30 days after original shipping date.

4) Personalized Belts and Music CD’s cannot be returned unless defective.

5) You will be responsible for shipping charges on your returns unless it is determined that it was our fault e.g. we shipped a kids shoe size 10 instead of youth size 1.

6) Send your returns to our physical store location at the following Address:

Texas Gold Minors

140 E. Exchange Ave. Suite #116

Fort Worth, Texas 76164 USA

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