Fringe Leather Jacket Buckskin


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You can’t think of Western clothing without thinking of the buckskin jacket. It’s been protecting people on the frontier for centuries, so we just had to bring you one of our own. This vintage classic is perfect for anyone looking for a versatile, durable jacket that really does it all. The light camel colour ensures that this jacket goes with anything. From timeless denim jeans to something a little more unique, this jacket will add to almost anything - all while keeping you warm. What’s more, the vintage influence on this jacket is unmissable. With fringe leather, everyone will know where you come from and what you’re into, with this hallmark of the American West.

Sizing Guide*:

  • XS: 4T
  • Small: 5
  • Medium: 6
  • Large: 7
  • XL: 8
  • 2XL: 10
  • 3XL: 12

**Sizing is approximate

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