Kids Western Hat - Lil' Maverick 0423BL

Kids Western Hat - Lil' Maverick 0423BL


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What's a true Western inspired dress without a quality hat. This iconic accessory is an essential item in any wardrobe for anyone proud to be a Cowboy or Cowgirl. There's nothing better than a high-quality Western hat, and the Lil Maverick is perfect for any kids first hat. Like any quality accessory, this durable piece is perfect for anyone wanting a hat that will grow with them over time. Every budding cowboy or cowgirl needs a trusty hat that they can grab and go - the perfect hat is there whenever you need it - in classic Western style

Kids Hat Sizes

Kids American Centimeters
Small 6 5/8 53
Medium 6 3/4 54
Large 6 7/8 55
Extra Large 7 56


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