Leather Kid Gun Holster


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Now that you got your chaps, vest, shirt, hat, and boots-- what else is missing? Your kids’ cowboy look is pretty much already complete. However, you can add more to give your kid an unforgettable and immersive cowboy experience. These leather gun holsters look very authentic, and they are very fashionable, which complements the cowboy look well!   

If your kids are ready to face the blackhats and duel, these holsters come with two detailed revolver gun replicas that truly are the cherry on top of your kid’s cowboy look. However, you need to make sure your kids are old enough to understand gun safety.

The gun holster fits ages 6-12 and also includes the two replica guns as shown. 



  • Hand tooled leather
  • 2 toy replica guns
  • 100% leather 
  • Adjustable belt
  • 37" belt


Loves Texas Gold Minors

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