Wild Rag Western Silk Scarf Blue/Gold 36 in.

Wild Rag Western Silk Scarf Blue/Gold 36 in.


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This Wyoming Traders is 100% silk and features a gorgeous paisley print in blue/gold

One look at this Paisley Glue and Gold Western Silk Scarf will make you say, “WOW!” And for something that is made for kids, this western wild rag sure does look very stylish and attractive. It is a 36-inch scarf that kids can match with their cowboy or cowgirl-inspired outfits-- whether they need it for a school event, western-themed party, or play. It is one of the best and most fashionable items you can add to your kid’s cowboy-style outfit to complete the authentic look you were going for! And everything from the design and fabric is made to perfection.


Loves Texas Gold Minors

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